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Welcome to Kirant Yakthung Chumlung Canada!

Kirant Yakthung Chumlung Canada is a society of Yakthung or Yakthungba families living across Canada. Chumlung Canada is based in Calgary, Alberta and was conceived in 2012. The Yakthung or Yakthungba are also known as Limbu in Khas Language (Official Language of Nepal) and are one of the many Kirant ethnic groups. Yakthung or Limbu tribes and clans belong to the Kirant Nation or the Kirant confederation and are indigenous to the hilly and Mountainous regions of Eastern Nepal to as far as Southern Tibet, North East India, Burma and beyond. We the Yakthungba practice Yumaism and our scripture is known as the mundhum. The Samba, Yeba, Yema, is their priests, and Yumeni are specialized in worshipping Yuma Sammang (main goddess of Yumaism). Yakthungba have own distinct Language, script, and culture and ritual rites. Language is known Yakthung Pan, and its script is known as Sirijanga Lipi (script). Yakthungba Language, script, culture doesn’t hold just cultural wealth but also contains important ancestral knowledge. Chumlung Canada is mainly focused on the preservation, promotion and bolstering of Yakthung culture, Language, and Script.

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